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4 Tips for bloggers to create videos

The video is taking over the internet. As a blogger, you should not miss the opportunity.
You are already generating quality content in text format. It is time that you repurpose your text content as video.
Keep below points in mind while you create the video from the text content.

Choose the right tool

Creating a simple video can be very difficult and time consuming for those who do not know how to use professional video editing software. The tool should be intuitive enough so that beginners can get started quickly.

Keep it short and simple

Do not try to include everything you have written in the blog into the video. Shorter videos are more likely to get engagement than longer videos.

Summarize content wisely

As mentioned in the above point you need to summarize the content of the blog. Choose the most valuable points from your content and use them into the video.

Reuse the graphics/images

Sometimes you use a lot of graphics in your blog to tell the story. You should try to reuse most of the media you while creating a video from the blog. It will save a lot of time and content will be visually consistent in both text and video formats